New cost-effective chemical programs boost oil recovery

Low-price hydraulic fracturing chemicals increase overall production

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Next-generation of hydraulic fracturing chemicals

Scavengers take the lead in chemicals innovation to effectively treat H₂S

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New chemical treatment case studies and the latest results

Detailed well-by-well analysis of the latest chemical programs across North American shale plays.

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Expert Speakers to Date

  • John Pantano
     Paradox Engineering
  • Wayne Cutrer
     Downhole Chemical Solutions
  • Stephen Schubarth
    Schubarth Inc
  • Barry Hlidek
     Stim-Lab, Inc.
  • David Bromley
     dbe hytec Ltd
  • Kimberly Lant
     Baker Hughes
  • Tanhee Galindo
     GeoKimika Oil & Gas
  • Jon Rogers
     Locus Bio-Energy Solutions
  • Li Jiang
  • Samantha Martinez Castillo

Past Attendees

  • Baker Hughes
  • Element Chemicals
  • Mission Chemical
  • Economy Polymers & Chemicals
  • Ecopetrol
  • Axel Christiernsson
  • Locus Bio-Energy Solutions
  • SMC Oilfield Chemicals
  • Shell 
  • Perenco Colombia
  • CP International, Inc.
  • Tracerco
  • WEGO Chemical Group
  • Halliburton
  • Schlumberger

Who Should Attend

  • UGSI Solutions Inc
  • Wyoming Service & Supply
  • Atlas Sand
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • PeroxyChem, LLC
  • IHS Markit
  • NatureWorks
  • Suez Water Technologies & Solutions
  • BP
  • Meyer
  • Fusion Technologies
  • Solenis LLC
  • FSTI Chem
  • Solenis
  • Global Treat, Inc.
  • Perenco Colombia Limited
  • SNF Holding Company
  • RB Products, Inc.
  • Wheatcraft & Associates
  • ChemStation
  • Innovative Chemical Technologies Inc
  • Anton Paar
  • Chemquest Chemicals
  • Royal Chemical
  • Grace Matthews, Inc.
  • Streamline Polymers
  • Geokimika Oil & Gas
  • DuPont Safety & Construction
  • Shell Exploration and Production Company
  • Synalloy Chemicals
  • Ethox Chemicals
  • Schlumberger
  • Ingevity
  • Kemira
  • Tendeka
  • Tracerco
  • Completion Science, LLC
  • Atlas Sand Company LLC
  • Enviro Tech Chemical Services
  • Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure
  • NCS Multistage
  • GEA Mechanical
  • Solvay, USA
  • Kemira Chemicals Inc.
  • ChemEOR Inc
  • GEO Specialty Chemicals
  • Geo Trend Corporation

Why Attend

The Hydraulic Fracturing & Production Chemicals 2023 Exhibition & Conference is the only event of its kind to deliver leading market intelligence and industry presentations on the latest in hydraulic fracturing chemicals advancements…

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The Premier Forum for Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals

Welcome to the Hydraulic Fracturing & Production Chemicals 2023 Exhibition & Conference, where leading chemical suppliers and manufacturers will meet with shale operators in Houston to explore the next generation of hydraulic fracturing and production chemicals for use in oil and gas production.

In the current market, production chemicals are the leading factor as operators seek new cost-effective solutions in treating paraffin, corrosion, and H₂S to ensure optimal production levels. As production increasingly focuses on marginal fields, deeper wells, and more hostile environments, new and innovative hydraulic fracturing chemical technologies combined with data management techniques are leading the way to minimize risks and optimize costs to enable shale operators to optimize production.

This year’s Hydraulic Fracturing & Production Chemicals 2023 conference will be focused on “Low Cost, Low Risk, and Max Production.” The objective will be to bring shale operators and service companies together with leading oilfield chemicals experts to collaborate and examine new technologies and technical know-how and address the real challenges in reaching optimum production levels essential in the current market.

Key topics on this year’s agenda include:

  • Market fundamentals of hydraulic fracturing and production chemicals
  • Optimizing production and minimizing risks to shale operations
  • Low-cost solutions for paraffin, corrosion, and H₂S chemical treatment
  • New techniques in operating chemical programs for maximum production
  • Upcoming regulations and industry standards for chemicals used in shale wells
  • End-user operator case studies and developing a successful chemicals program

This exhibition and conference will provide a forum for all stakeholders, from oilfield chemicals suppliers and manufacturers to well-servicing companies and North American E&Ps, to network and build cross-market relationships and to discuss the latest advances in hydraulic fracturing chemicals for use in unconventional oil and gas wells across North America.

Call for Presentation

If you would like to be a speaker at this event, please contact sean.collins@iQ-Hub.com, subject heading “Call for Papers - Hydraulic Fracturing & Production Chemicals 2023”.

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To secure your place at Hydraulic Fracturing & Production Chemicals 2023 or if you require more information, please contact delegates@iQ-Hub.com.


Key topics for 2023:

  • Market fundamentals of hydraulic fracturing and production chemicals
    Understand the economic fundamentals and key performance indicators (KPI) for hydraulic fracturing chemicals usage from an industry perspective.
  • Optimizing production and minimizing risks to shale operations
    Assess how new chemical programs are cost-effective while minimizing operational and financial risks, and learn how chemical delivery systems can maximize production.
  • Low-cost solutions for paraffin, corrosion, and H₂S chemical treatment
    Explore chemical treatment initiatives across multiple well sites and assess the latest results from tests and trials in reducing paraffin, mitigating corrosion, and managing hydrogen sulfides.
  • New techniques in operating chemical programs for maximum production
    Be the first to hear about new chemical treatment innovations to efficiently reduce operating costs while ensuring optimum performance and enhanced oil recovery.
  • Upcoming regulations and industry standards for chemicals used in shale wells
    Hear from key regulators and environmental bodies to ensure your chemical program meets new regulations and industry standards.
  • End-user operator case studies and developing a successful chemicals program
    Gain insight from leading hydraulic chemical manufacturers and implement strategies that others in the industry use to ensure a successful application.


  • From these presentations, I realize that after 60 years of hydraulic fracturing, the industry still has much to learn about optimizing chemical programs
    John Barreto (Baker Hughes)
  • Excellent event & very informative on the things needed for the chemical industry
    Aaron Funderburke (Typhon Global Energy)
  • Fantastic conference. Information that is particularly helpful from the operator's point of view will develop oilfield chemistry
    Craig Marshall (Gran Tierra Energy)
  • The event is very important for the industry to know the new trends in green oilfield chemicals and a very good opportunity to meet new people in the industry
    Hernan Sueta (Pan American Energy)
  • A very balanced conference. A diverse audience that includes operators, service providers, and vendors
    Knut Mjaland (Frac Knowledge)
  • A well-run event with extremely informative seminars focused solely on oilfield chemicals
    Pavlin Entchev (Exxon Mobile)
  • Great spread of presentations and mix of new technologies, case studies, and chemical selection for upstream operations
    Peter Sanchez (Schlumberger)
  • Excellent speaker line up showcasing the science and results from across the industry
    Tim Leshchyshyn (Frac Knowledge)
  • Excellent assembly of industry experts with a broad spectrum of valuable options and insight into understanding chemicals utilization for production optimization
    Charlie Tomblin (Aterra Exploration)

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